Prodora 35

Prodora ist ein verschlüsseltes Fedora Remix mit vielen nützlichen Programmen zum produktiven Arbeiten.

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Bereits seit Jahren pflege ich eine Kickstart-Datei, die zusammen mit dem offiziellen Netinstaller von Fedora genutzt werden kann, um meine Paketauswahl zusätzlich zu Fedora Workstation installieren zu können. Prodora vereinfacht diesen Prozess und liefert zugleich ein Livemedium, um das System testen oder nutzen zu können.

Vorinstallierte Pakete

DBeaverCommunityDatabase administration software
HandBrakeAn open-source multiplatform video transcoder
JabrefOpen-sourced, cross-platform citation and reference management software
NetworkManager-*Network connection manager and user applications
Portfolio PerformanceOpen Source Portfolio
WhatsAppQTUnofficial WhatsApp Client
ZoomZoom Meetings & Chats
ageSimple, modern and secure encryption tool
alacarteMenu editor for the GNOME desktop
anacondaInstall Fedora
asciinemaRecording and sharing terminal sessions
audaciousAudio Player (resource-saving)
audacity-freeworldMultitrack audio editor WITH mp3 support
backintime-qtQt frontend for backintime
baobabA graphical directory tree analyzer
bijibenSimple Note Viewer
blivet-guiTool for data storage configuration
borgbackupvery efficient tool for encrypted, deduplicated, optionally append-only remote backups
borgmaticSimple Python wrapper script for borgbackup
braseroGnome CD/DVD burning application
calibreE-book converter and library manager
certbotA free, automated certificate authority client
chromium-freeworldChromium built with all freeworld codecs and VA-API support
clementineA music player and library organizer
cockpitWeb Console for Linux servers
codeVisual Studio Code
czkawkaMulti functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc.
darktableUtility to organize and develop raw images
ddrescueData recovery tool trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors
dialectGoogle Translator
digikamA digital camera accessing & photo management application
dnf-automaticPackage manager - automated upgrades
dnf-plugin-system-upgradeSystem Upgrade Plugin for DNF
dvdisasterAdditional error protection for CD/DVD media
elementGroup Messaging
evinceDocument viewer
evolutionMail and calendar client for GNOME
exfat-utilsUtilities for exFAT file system
fdupesFinds duplicate files in a given set of directories
fedora-release-workstationBase package for Fedora Workstation-specific default configurations
ffmpegDigital VCR and streaming server
filezillaFTP, FTPS and SFTP client
firefoxMozilla Firefox Web browser
flatpakApplication deployment framework for desktop apps
freerdpFree implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
geditText editor for the GNOME desktop
gimpGNU Image Manipulation Program
git-allMeta-package to pull in all git tools
gnome-booksGnome books
gnome-calendarSimple and beautiful calendar application designed to fit GNOME 3
gnome-chessGnome chess game
gnome-clocksClock application designed for GNOME 3
gnome-contactsContacts manager for GNOME
gnome-extensions-appManage GNOME Shell extensions
gnome-firmwareGnome firmware
gnome-mapsGnome maps
gnome-online-accountsSingle sign-on framework for GNOME
gnome-shell-extension-apps-menuApplication menu for GNOME Shell
gnome-shell-extension-background-logoBackground logo extension for GNOME Shell
gnome-shell-extension-gsconnectSmartphone integration
gnome-shell-extension-places-menuPlaces status menu for GNOME Shell
gnome-shell-extension-system-monitor-appletA Gnome shell system monitor extension
gnome-terminalTerminal emulator for GNOME
gnome-todoGnome todo
gnome-tweaksCustomize advanced GNOME 3 options
gnome-usageA GNOME app to view information about use of system resources
gnome-weatherA weather application for GNOME
gnucashFinance management application
gpartedGnome Partition Editor
gstSystem utility designed to stress and monitoring various hardware components
gstreamer1*GStreamer streaming media framework runtime
gthumbImage viewer, editor, organizer
guestfs-toolsTools to access and modify virtual machine disk images
htopInteractive process viewer
icedtea-webAdditional Java components for OpenJDK - Java Web Start implementation
iftopCommand line tool that displays bandwidth usage on an interface
inkscapeVector-based drawing program using SVG
k3bCD/DVD/Blu-ray burning application
kdenliveNon-linear video editor
keepassxcCross-platform password manager
kid3Efficient KDE ID3 tag editor
kritaSketching and painting program
libaacsBlu-ray AACS Library
libbdplusBlu-ray BD+ Library
libbluray-utilsBlu-ray Library
libgnome-keyringFramework for managing passwords and other secrets
libheif.heif, .heic support
libimobiledevice-utilsiOS support
libreofficeFree Software Productivity Suite
libtoolThe GNU Portable Library Tool
libva-intel*VAAPI driver and tools
libva-utilsVAAPI driver and tools
libva-vdpau-driverVAAPI driver and tools
libvirtLibrary providing a simple virtualization API
markerGTK 3 markdown editor
memtest86+Stand-alone memory tester for x86 and x86-64 computers
nemoFile manager with more options than nautilus. Fork of nautilus.
neofetchCLI system information tool written in Bash
nmapNetwork exploration tool and security scanner
nuttySimple utility for network information
obs-studioOpen Broadcaster Software
ocl-icdOpenCL Library (Installable Client Library) Bindings
opencl-*Useful OpenCL tools and utilities
p7zipVery high compression ratio file archiver
pam-u2fImplements PAM authentication over U2F
pamu2fcfgImplements PAM authentication over U2F
paperkeyOpenPGP key archiver
pcsc-litePC/SC Lite smart card framework and applications
phoronix-test-suiteAn Automated, Open-Source Testing Framework
picardMusicBrainz-based audio tagger
plantumlqeditorUML diagram Editor, latest plantuml version
playonlinuxGraphical front-end for Wine
powertopPower consumption monitor
python3-dnf-plugin-localAutomatically copy all downloaded packages to a repository on the local filesystem and generating repo metadata
qemuQEMU is a FAST! processor emulator
remminaRemote Desktop Client (For performance reasons, use xfreerdp /rfx /gfx:RFX /u:USER /v:SERVER /multimon instead)
reptyrAttach a running process to a new terminal
screenfetchlike neofetch, but not as nice as neofetch, but with disk usage
seahorseA GNOME application for managing encryption keys
sha3sumSHA3 Hash
signalSignal Messenger
simplescreenrecorderSimple Screen Recorder is a screen recorder for Linux
snapperbtrfs snapshots
spice-gtkHigh performance VM with OpenGL
ssssShamir’s secret sharing scheme
syncthingP2P Synchronisation
sysbenchSystem performance benchmark
syslinuxSimple kernel loader which boots from a FAT filesystem
terminatorMultiple GNOME terminals in one window
testdiskTool to check and undelete partition, PhotoRec recovers lost files
texlive-plantumlPlantUML diagrams in (Lua)LaTeX
texlive-scheme-smallsmall scheme (most used packages). Workaround for texlive-scheme-full
texstudioA complex IDE for authoring TeX documents
thunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird mail/newsgroup client
tikzitDiagram editor for pgf/TikZ
tldrSimplified and community-driven man pages
transmissionA lightweight GTK+ BitTorrent client.
usbguardThe USBGuard software framework helps to protect your computer against rogue USB devices by implementing basic whitelisting/blacklisting capabilities based on USB device attributes
vim-enhancedA version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements
virt-managerDesktop tool for managing virtual machines via libvirt
virt-viewerVirtual Machine Viewer
vlcThe cross-platform open-source multimedia framework, player and server
xorgxrdpxorgxrdp is a set of X11 modules that make Xorg act as a backend for xrdp
youtube-dlA small command-line program to download online videos
xrdpOpen source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server

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