Most banks pay little or no interest to their customers on their savings. Some banks even charge account management fees or negative interest. The stock exchange is a very safe alternative. However, if you put all your money into a few individual stocks, you risk high losses when prices fall. It is therefore better to spread your money widely across the entire market. However, this does not require the expensive purchase of countless stocks, but can be done from 10€ per month via savings plans on ETFs. ETFs are exchange-traded funds, i.e. ready-made packages with numerous stocks on specific topics that can be purchased cheaply.

Trading on the stock exchange can be tried out and practiced with the free “Best Brokers Börsenspiel” app. In contrast to reality, all transactions in the app are free, so that users can quickly be enticed to gamble. Most brokers without a subscription charge a fee for each transaction.
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Below is a selection of three large, slightly overlapping ETFs to help you invest your money as widely as possible in the global economy.

WeightNameRegionYield 1J1Yield 3J1Yield 5J1
12Lyxor Core MSCI WorldDeveloped countries+31.05%+48.91%+86.42%2
5Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets Ex ChinaEmerging markets+34.62%—————————
3Lyxor Core STOXX Europe 600Europe+28.57%+29.91%+57.26%
pie title ETFs
    "World" : 12
    "EM" : 5
    "Europe" : 3


With the given weighting, the above ETF selection leads to the following distribution of the investment in the various regions of the world.

Lyxor Core MSCI World66.95%8.06%19.19%5.76%0.04%
Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets Ex China0.29%66.27%7.74%25.64%0.06%
Lyxor Core STOXX Europe 6001.40%0.27%97.93%0.20%0.20%
pie title Regionen
    "USA" : 40.45
    "Europe" : 28.14
    "Asia" : 21.44
    "Other" : 9.90


Providers of an ETF must regularly buy shares in the companies included in accordance with their shares in the ETF. This creates costs for managing the ETFs. These costs are listed in the following table for the three selected ETFs.

Lyxor Core MSCI WorldLU1781541179LYX0YD0.12%
Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets Ex ChinaLU2009202107LYX99G0.25%
Lyxor Core STOXX Europe 600LU0908500753LYX0Q00.07%


Since an investor cannot place a buy or sell order directly on the stock exchange, a broker is necessary as an intermediary.

Trade Republic

The Trade Republic app can be used to create a savings plan from 10€ per installment, which can be used to purchase shares in selected ETFs free of charge. If you register via this invitation link, you will receive a credit of 15€ for the first transaction. Selling ETFs costs 1€ per ETF. Each additional trade also costs 1€.

Scalable Capital

A free savings plan is also possible via Scalable Capital, which can be used both on the computer via a web browser and an app. For every successful new registration via this invitation link, I receive 25€. The free version “Free Broker” from Scalable Capital is completely sufficient for a savings plan. The ETF selection is slightly smaller than at Trade Republic and a savings plan is only possible from 25€ per installment. You can do everything conveniently from your computer. However, if you want to trade a lot in stocks, ETFs or funds on a regular basis, you should invest 35.88€ per year in the “Prime Broker”. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the various offers before registering.


Trading stocks can be very risky and also very expensive. Beginners in particular often overlook costs such as custody fees, transaction costs, flat-rate fees for third-party costs and the spread (difference between the purchase and sale price).

Buying stocks should always be a long-term and, above all, well-considered investment. Frequent transactions often result in high costs, which reduce returns or even lead to losses. A transaction should always be carried out with a limit or stop order, otherwise it is not entirely clear what prices are being traded at. (In the media, a woman is often cited as an example, who has amassed 360000€ in debt as a result.) Beginners should therefore not trade in stocks at all. ETFs are the better alternative because they are safe.

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